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Based out of Marquette, Michigan (for now), REZANTE REVIEW has a passion for showing new music to people everywhere. Anything from surf rock to midwest emo, to rap, REZANTE has something for everyone.


The word “review” used lightly. Focused on not bashing artists but instead promoting and showing endless love.

Founded in 2019 by Syd Resnick.




Cover of their second self titled EP.

Cover of their second self titled EP.

bitch lungs

One acoustic guitar and one man makes up the stellar, Bitch Lungs. With a name like that there isn't a good enough excuse to not give them a listen. Bitch Lungs is the perfect music to listen to over a lonesome cup of coffee. For comparison purposes, Bitch Lungs reminds us a lot of Human Kitten. Simple, beautiful, but heartwrenching. This dude somehow can do so much with just his voice and one instrument, pure talent nonetheless. With three EP's all dropped over the span of one year Bitch Lungs managed to create a trilogy. The first EP "So High, Gonna Die", dropped in early 2018, a second self-titled EP dropped in June, and the final EP of the year "3" dropped in November. A full-length eight-song album was released in March of this year titled "P Over It". Thankfully, Bitch Lungs has enough music out there you're bound to find a song or two you can cry to. 

REZANTE Favorite: This was easy because of the originality of the song. "I H8 Playing U In Fifa" off of the first EP. But "Why We Never Host The Pregame" off of the second EP is a very close second

Cover of anticipated fourth record to be dropped late July titled “Rattler”.

Cover of anticipated fourth record to be dropped late July titled “Rattler”.

petite league

RISE AND SHINE, the everlasting Petite League has touched our ears once more. Reaching their arms all the way from New York where the sun never shines and the civilians walk too fast for their own good. "New York Girls" is the second single that was released June 14th off of anticipated fourth record "Rattler" that releases July 26th of this year (not like we're crossing off the days on our calendar or anything that drastic). The third record, "Rips One into the Night", released in 2017 was a hit and a half if we do say so ourselves. Petite League toured all over the country and traded in their puffed winter jackets for shorts all the way to the famous Texas heat. Petite League holds a special place in my heart since I remember the exact moment my close friend Noah showed me one of their most popular songs, "Sun Dogs". It was a bitter February afternoon in Michigan's never forgiving Upper Peninsula as we sat in an ice cave overlooking Lake Superior when I found the missing piece that my ears desired. I spent the next couple weeks researching Petite League and besides their killer bubblegum lo-fi indie sound was the community they built around themselves. The house that Petite League's sound blossomed out of was "Scarier Dome" located in Syracuse. I fell head over heels in love with this band and the house they performed in after watching a quick story behind what the house entailed (link will be featured below). The mastermind, frontman, and ever so kind Lorenzo Cook is the heartbeat behind this band. A very special thank you to Lorenzo for sending me "New York Girls" before it was released to the public. If you enjoy his angelic voice he also has a side project/ alter ego "Spark Alaska". 

REZANTE Favorite: A broken record, a roundabout you got stuck in, a playlist of one song on repeat; this was a difficult decision. I'm stuck between "Pocketknife" off of Petite League's third record and "Little Fourth of July" off of the very first record. Don't make me choose, please. 

Cover of their first single released this year “Lose Your Mind”.

Cover of their first single released this year “Lose Your Mind”.

tetra collective

California, thank you again. Coming to you from Long Beach is Tetra Collective. An indie four-piece band that started their sound up in 2018 brings you a laidback look into a taste of slow rock. With one EP and one full-length album self-titled album, these guys are just kicking things off. You won't be moving your feet too fast but I promise you your hips will shake. For the small following they do have we're impressed with the quality in their songwriting along with the quality of the recorded music thus far. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more music to released this summer from Tetra Collective

REZANTE Favorite: Can't top the mood that "La Pobreska" puts us in. Give it a listen along with the rest of what Tetra Collective has to offer.



COMING SOON: ALBUM OF THE MONTH. Each month, or maybe every two weeks depending on what’s being released, will be a review of REZANTE’s favorite album. Patience young grasshopper we shall get to this point eventually.

MAYBE ALSO COMING SOON: A separate section about music scenes in different areas. This would give an opportunity for us to see videos, photos, and possible interviews to get a deeper look into unfamiliar bands.


last week

Cover of their first released EP this year “Blind”.

Cover of their first released EP this year “Blind”.

Fox tide

Arch rivals and the ocassional gig sharing mates of last weeks "Ignant Benches" is Foxtide. Three piece surf coast indie alternative with a dribble of jazz makes this band touch damn near every surface you could possibly like. After listening to their EP, "Blind", it's immediately recognized that Foxtide refuses to drown out their bass which allows you to feel the heartbeat of the song within you. With such incredible sound quality of the recorded EP you'd assume Foxtide has upwards of 25,000 monthly listeners on Spotify instead of under 2,000. The vocals are clear and not muddy and the drums aren’t overpowering the guitar. To say we’re impressed with the sound production would be an understatement. Their four-song EP was released at the beginning of the year and we sure hope they're in the works with a larger project. If you're in the San Diego area catch them performing on June 14th alongside those damn bench boys!

REZANTE Favorite: Nadia Blue. That bass guitar spits some flare at the start that really double knots the song together.

Cover of their first EP “What Took You So Long”.

Cover of their first EP “What Took You So Long”.

The axidents

The state of California is continuing to corrupt us. This time out of San Jose is your new taste of alternative rock that call themselves The Axidents. Don't confuse these rockstars with The Accidentals, these guys exclusively keep it to fast pace, no breathing room, and maybe a promise of a dancefloor somewhere near. With two EP's that were both released in 2017, you can see the change in their sound over the span of eight months between EP's. The first EP, What Took You So long, continues their fast pace vibe and keeps their vocals to the front of the stage. Their second EP, Red, slightly overpowers the vocals and takes on a more harder rock state prior to an alternative rock state. Even though they slightly mix it up over the span of a couple of months they still stay true to their original sound that they started with by continuing to write catchy lyrics and stellar guitar riffs. The Axidents entirely embody rockstar essence, stay back we aren't promising that you won't walk away from these guys with a broken heart. All we ask is that if you're going to tear some vessels of our beating hearts out from our chests can you guys at least release some new music this year? We'd say that's a fair trade.

REZANTE Favorite: With their most popular song Dancing Through The Telephone clocking in at 309,000 plays on Spotify (280,000 more plays than their second most popular song) we can't deny it being an entire jam from top to bottom. But don't overlook their second EP, we're setting our sights on "Lizard Lounge". This song sounds like early Arctic Monkeys before they transitioned into all slow piano ballads that was the entirety of their album Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. Let the record show that The Axidents are truthfully no drunkenly stumbling into alternative rock music accident of a band.

Cover of their EP “Death Wish”.

Cover of their EP “Death Wish”.

the jins

Either I’ve been sucked into the quicksand of Vancouver music or quicksand was just the only twist that the writers of Scooby Doo could come up with on the spot to meet a strict deadline which then ventured onto this overpowering fear for 90’s kids thinking quicksand would be a problem you so literally sunk into when adulthood rolled around. Seriously, Vancouver knows how to play music. Playing alongside fellow Club Sofa(ers) is The Jins. This three piece band has electrifying energy that’ll grab you by the throat. The Jins released their second EP just the other day titled “Death Wish”. They also have a full-length album that was released in 2017. The Jins describe themselves as “Fun rock” and we couldn’t agree more. If you don’t like loud ear shattering headbanging rock music you most likely can’t partake in The Jins and I’ll go on record and make the assumption that The Jins probably don’t want to partake in you either. As you dive deep into them you might not even realize that they’re a three-piece band which still amazes me. With a sound this dynamic that has such a charged up pulse it’s hard to believe it’s only three members. Not for the faint-hearted, we give you future rock legends, THE JINS.

REZANTE Favorite: The Jins have a good collection of music under their belt so it made this process a little more difficult than past bands. Stuck in the tides of 2017 released "Real Food" and "It's All Good" off of the first full-length album that was released in 2017.



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