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Based out of Marquette, Michigan (for now), REZANTE REVIEW has a passion for showing new music to people everywhere. Anything from surf rock to midwest emo, to rap, REZANTE has something for everyone.


The word “review” used lightly. Focused on not bashing artists but instead promoting and showing endless love.

Founded in 2019 by Syd Resnick.




Cover of their second album “Gettysburg Sorority”

Cover of their second album “Gettysburg Sorority”

The bantams

An alternative band with a taste of modern synth pop sounds coming from Pennsylvania is our second favorite superhero series, The Batmans. Well, not exactly. THE BANTAMS take influence from bands like Bleachers and one of the greatest and saddest bands to take the stage, Modern Baseball. Even though The Bantams keep up with an energetic theme and fast paced guitar riffs you can still feel an essence of alternative punk seeping through the surface. If you’re too scared of diving deep into sad punk music The Bantams are a good leeway to just dip your toes in. With their first EP “Sincerely, The Bantams” that was released in 2016 they have since then released two full length albums. In March of 2019 their second album “Gettysburg Sorority” was released. Their newest album has slow keys, classic alternative bass lines, and some synthesizer essence in the background. 

REZANTE Favorite: For a while I thought a favorite would hands down be Fairmount Park on the second album but after an indepth dive into the deep end with no floatation devices my mind has shifted. Gap Year is just too tasty to pass up on. 

Cover of their first EP “I Didn’t Think We’d Make It This Far”

Cover of their first EP “I Didn’t Think We’d Make It This Far”


Who said Ohio never produced anything great besides Lebron James? Well, anyone from Michigan probably said that statement. Four piece ear pleasing alternative rock band coming to you from Cincinnati is “Vermont”. I wonder if instead of calling themselves Vermont they ever thought of just calling themselves Ohio. Catching them before their soon to be huge breakthrough as they performed at All Good Fest in Columbus alongside midwest emo favorites Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man, and Retirement Party. As their sound is similar to midwest emo with their fast pace moving riffs they’re definitely less whiny with more muddy vocals. These guys are pretty fresh to the scene as they only have one EP and two singles released thus far. Even with little music released, Vermont has played too many shows to count. They’ve performed all over the midwest and have gone on lengthy tours reaching their necks to the east coast as well. You get three cliche cards a year and use it as you please. Here’s one of my cliche lines for the year being put to good use; you’ll want to give these guys a listen before you’re breaking the bank on more expensive concert tickets in the future. 

REZANTE Favorite: “Friendship” one of two singles released this year. Catchy as all hell.

new album alert

First EP “Book Club” by Lili Trifilio

First EP “Book Club” by Lili Trifilio

Lil Trifilio, better known as the lead lady for Beach Bunny released her first solo EP on September 24th. Beach Bunny is known for alternative sad pop hits like “Prom Queen” and “Sports”. Lili Trifilio’s solo music doesn’t stray far from Beach Bunny’s theme. Her voice is entirely angelic yet simple. She’s calm, cool, probably sad, and entirely collective. Lili’s solo EP, Book Club, including five songs are quiet compared to Beach Bunny. With typically just an acoustic guitar we’re relying heavily on her lyrics. Luckily for us Lili is a magnificent songwriter. Typically on Rezante we always like to hype up artists and show all their good qualities but whole heartedly there isn’t a single complaint or any space at all for any criticism this time around. Every step she’s moved in her writing we’ve followed. Lili’s music simply just makes sense to our ears. Give it a listen!


last week

Cover of their first album “Music to Practice Safe Sex To”

Cover of their first album “Music to Practice Safe Sex To”

pool kids

Pool kids: It’s decently jarring that a band with this much talent that has toured with absolute legends like Mom Jeans and Just Friends only has slightly over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. These swim trunk wearing, chlorine smelling stars recorded an Audiotree session in June of this year. It’s clear that this will only be the first wave of recognition they deserve. They define themselves as Math Rock since they wrote one song in a 9/4 time signature (their words entirely). We’d consider them twinkle emo math rock. Pool Kids clenches onto a delicate heartstring that we keep trapped in our chests at Rezante. Emo music with a female lead singer. Starting out in 2017, Pool Kids have been on four headlining tours of their own and far too many other tours alongside superb bands to count , these folks only have one full length album released. They technically aren’t holding out on us though thankfully. This September and October Pool Kids are headed out on tour with Just Friends. Do you remember that feeling of swimming at the pool all day until your fingertips turned into raisins and you were starved to the bone? You were actually just hungry for this band.  

Rezante Favorite: “$5 Subtweet”. If you have a twitter account you’ll understand. Too bad I’m never ever growing the fuck up. 

Cover of their first EP “The Boredom Keeps Me Up at Night”

Cover of their first EP “The Boredom Keeps Me Up at Night”

disco inc.

These non disco freaks lifelong dream has been to have their own Wikipedia page. As it’s possible to create a Wiki page for them myself I thought I’d do them one better and toss them a review on Rezante instead. I was told in grade school not to use Wikipedia as a reliable source but nobody ever told me to not use Rezante Review as a reliable source. Brothers of punk rockstars “Fredo Disco” who’ve toured alongside heavy hitters like Tiny Moving Parts, Hot Mulligan, Real Friends, Remo Drive, and a Rezante personal soft spot favorite Future Teens. These irritable emo punk rockstars dropped their first single at the end of 2017 and released their first EP four months later. Since 2018 these Disco boys have left us high and dry, something all emo punk fans are most definitely accustomed to. A band out of the Chicago suburbs, this is where all your built up colorless dreary soaked in misery moods will overflow into some head banging, heart wrenching music. Common knowledge all the best emo bands come from the states that covered in corn fields, small lakes, and a winter that lasts through April. As most of the midwest population is leaving us for the west coast we wish those suckers luck. I doubt you’ll survive 13 days without catching a solid emo show. Disco Inc is doing the midwest emo scene justice and keeping up with the collection of solid riffs and lyrics dug out from underneath your parents childhood backyard home. 

Rezante Favorite: “Canker Sore” off of their first EP “The Boredom Keeps Me Up at Night”. Lyrics that rezante with us “you're like a canker sore, you never really leave. Just when I think that you're gone you come right back and attack me”. Proof that herpes and heartbreak are one in the same. They like to stick around and end up covering your face.



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