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Based out of Marquette, Michigan (for now), REZANTE REVIEW has a passion for showing new music to people everywhere. Anything from surf rock to midwest emo, to rap, REZANTE has something for everyone.


The word “review” used lightly. Focused on not bashing artists but instead promoting and showing endless love.

Founded in 2019 by Syd Resnick.




Cover of latest 2018 EP “Pucker”.

Cover of latest 2018 EP “Pucker”.

Daddy’s beemer

Imagine this. Your Daddy buys you a new beemer. The first time you take the wheel you spin the volume dial ever so slightly and rock band "Daddy's Beemer" blares through the new speakers. You crank it just a touch more, or so you thought. A few moments later you and your new beemer are wrapped around a tree. Your father forgot to warn you not to listen to great bands while driving as it is quite the distraction. This four-piece rock band creates great music with slight Hawaiin sounds resonating in the background that ultimately makes you question that they formed their band in South Carolina. With two EP's and a handful of singles under their belt, it's relatively surprising with a sound that is this developed was just formed in 2016. I've told friends and listeners before, and I'll repeat so until I'm at last listened to, you'll want to know this band before they hit it big and make you burn holes through your pockets for concert tickets. Not only with the lead singer rip your heart from your chest and make you chew it up, they'll make sure you enjoy it and dance along with them. With the release of their second EP that kick-started a tour that took over the east coast and dipped its toes back into their home base that is South Carolina, it's surprising that this band doesn't have a massive following. Nonetheless, we're sure they will soon as there isn't a song on either EP that isn't worth a listen. Just coming off another tour that touched down around the east coast they do have some merch leftover, their bandcamp link will be featured below if you ever so wish to visit. If you're looking for music to add to your beach playlist then look no further. Daddy's Beemer has you covered, at least more than that speedo could ever try and do.

REZANTE Favorite: The most exciting thing about our favorite Beemer Boy tune is the fact that it's one of two singles released this year. "Serotonin" was released in April and we're thinking it would compliment as a great single for a future 2019 Daddy's Beemer debut album (hopefully).

Cover of 2019 EP “You Asked for It”.

Cover of 2019 EP “You Asked for It”.

Adjust the sails

How sad are you? Better yet, how sad would you like to be? An acoustic piece from Atlanta touches a quieter angsty part of you that you just assumed you left back in high school. "Adjust the Sails" is the love child of Modern Baseball and Worst Party Ever. If you've ever wished that Modern Baseball would brace our ears with new music you're guaranteed to enjoy this ever so sad man. Not every band we review sits with us like this one as I've listened to a few of Adjust the Sails songs on repeat for the past two weeks. This dude really just gets it. With almost all acoustic songs it's perfect for a solo night drive that turns into a crying session on a highway overpass. Proceed with caution, Adjust the Sails might just make you miss someone that doesn't exist yet.

REZANTE Favorite: Hands down, without a doubt, we'll scream sing "Mike Walton" off of our sad acoustic playlist until our lungs give in. You should quit smoking just to participate in the scream sing session, thanks.



COMING SOON: ALBUM OF THE MONTH. Each month, or maybe every two weeks depending on what’s being released, will be a review of REZANTE’s favorite album. Patience young grasshopper we shall get to this point eventually.

MAYBE ALSO COMING SOON: A separate section about music scenes in different areas. This would give an opportunity for us to see videos, photos, and possible interviews to get a deeper look into unfamiliar bands.


last week

Laundry doing cute laundry things.

Laundry doing cute laundry things.


Dreamy indie rock fusion dipping their way into the music world is Laundry. A four piece band out of Eugene Oregon that formed in the fall of 2017 reminds you to do your damn laundry! As we confess our new love for Laundry they have just finished up their summer tour around the Pacific Northwest. Typically for a band that formed just a year and a half ago you wouldn't see two albums released thus far but these folks have done it all. So far we really admire the change of pace that Laundry can portray. They can play a dream-like sound to ease you in or they can throw intense guitar riffs your way that keep you moving.

Rezante Favorite: "Goin Downtown" off of their first album "The Quandary", that bass guitar really had me by the end of my sleeves.

Cover of their first EP released at the end of 2018 titled “Still Waiting for Things to Get Better”.

Cover of their first EP released at the end of 2018 titled “Still Waiting for Things to Get Better”.

the losing score

Emo lives on and is again brought to you all the way from the UK. The Losing Score will fuel your angst rage that seeps through the cracks late at night after drinking too many glasses of existential dread. If you're a Remo Drive or Joyce Manor fan this is the band for you. This three piece band is loud AND sad, what more can you ask for. They're leaving you on edge with just one EP released thus far. Usually that would turn us away with not much to base a review off of but The Losing Score instantly caught our attention with the loyalty they keep to their sound. As a huge emo fan we can recognize that lots of emo bands can turn whiny and overbearing, almost as if you can't play their music outside of your headphones. Luckily, that's a trait that The Losing Score doesn't hold with their emo peers. Now we patiently wait for a full-length album.

Rezante Favorite: Their most popular song "Alphabet Soup" hits every string you could hope for.

Cover of their first full length album released this year titled “i’m so glad i feel this way about you”.

Cover of their first full length album released this year titled “i’m so glad i feel this way about you”.

insignificant other

A queer pop group from Gainesville Florida brings more than just the Florida heat with them. With a sprinkle of Beach Bunny sound that brings you an entire discography of "sad girl" music, it's definitely perfect for your summertime blues. There's something special about a band like Insignificant Other and that's the pure raw emotion behind each song. They aren't afraid to completely put themselves out there, especially on the track "real date", which goes in depth about asking a girl on a date who happens to be into boys. If you don't have a soft spot for upbeat pop music that dunks your head underwater with heartbreaking lyrics you're just lying to yourself. The track "heathers" based off of Winona Ryder's undeniable best movie to date is simple but refreshing. Their first album "i'm so glad i feel this way about you" was released in April of this year with the help of Counter Intuitive Records. The mastermind behind Insignificant Other is Sim Morale who knows how to write a damn power pop sad piece of music. Their first EP was released in 2015 and we're hoping Insignificant Other isn't replicating the classic Frank Ocean move by making us wait another four years in between each piece of work.

Rezante Favorite: A solid toss-up between "un mensaje" and "i'm so glad i feel this way about you", both tracks off of their album that was released in April.



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